News Summary

Successfully commissioned and handed over our Rubber Dam at Horseshoe Bend in Idaho, USA

Successfully completed the BAMEO project in France, consisting of 29 sites, with a total of 75 spans, in a total of 4 years, one ahead of schedule.



23-25th July 2019


Hydro Vision Interntional

Portland, Oregan, USA


14-16th October 2019


Hydro 2019

Porto, Portugal


Rubber Dam
In-Tunnel Rubber Dam

Arcon AquaPro, in partnership with Floecksm├╝hle, supply the highest specification Rubber Dam systems available in the industry today.

Arcon AquaPro is a part of the Arcon Environmental Division of water related products, which includes above-ground and in-tunnel air and waterfilled Rubber Dams used in a wide range of water controlling applications.

We have been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing custom built airfilled and waterfilled Rubber Dams worldwide since 1984, using the highest grade rubber and internationally recognised quality components, exceeding materials used elsewhere in the industry. These advantages combined with the inherent simplicity of the design and unrivalled intelligent control systems, flow controls and advanced fail-safe systems, make Arcon AquaPro Rubber Dams the new standard available today.

The number of Arcon AquaPro Rubber Dam installations is growing all the time as more engineers move away from conventional steel gate dams to flexible, safer and more reliable rubber dam systems. This trend can be seen from the rapidly increasing number of installations worldwide.

Above Ground Rubber Dams

Above-ground Rubber Dams can be used in a number of applications, including and not limited to Hydroelectric Power, Irrigation, Flood Control, Water Supply, Water Cooling, Separation of Fresh and Sea Water, Navigation Channels, Recreational, Ground Water Recharging and Urban Regeneration.

In-Tunnel Rubber Dams

In-tunnel Rubber Dam applications include the control of storage spaces and the flushing of sections of sewers and storage chambers.